What Makes a Great Packaging?

What Makes a Great Packaging?

what makes a great packaging
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Learn here the key traits of a great packaging that looks stand out on the shelf.

Packaging plays a key role in marketing for any business that is involved in manufacturing and selling. In fact, it can make a difference in your sales and dramatically improves your brand image. After all, the packaging is the first thing a customer is attracted to. Great packaging always attracts attention and encourages the customer to buy the product. Plus, it makes your product stand out from the competitor’s product. 

What makes great packaging? Or what are the traits of an efficient packaging?

Here we have rounded up some key of them. 

The Design and Color:

The design and color of a package have a significant impact on the buying decision of a customer. Certain colors are attractive and evoke the feeling that a product wants in their customer. For example, some food companies use the color that triggers happiness and hunger in the customer. Health-conscious cereals have pastel to the white color palate and children’s cereal packages are more brightly colored. 

The key is here that good packaging carries the color and design that can attract the target audience of the product they contain.  


Labels provide important information about the ingredients, instructions, manufacturing date, and certification. Besides, the language used on a food package also influences customers in a significant manner.

For example, a clear text that is also visible from the distant is appealing to the customers. 

Material Used:

A packaging made from high-quality material protects the product from weather and other wear and tear during storage and transportation. 

It even saves a product from harsh UV rays and other environmental factors that could harm a food product.

Most customers like the packaging made from eco-friendly materials with the minimum use of plastic. Secure packaging not only prevents costly returns but even enhance perceptions of quality in the eyes of the customers.


The food packaging should show accurate information about the content insides, whether it’s about ingredients or quality. For example, a customer would be disappointed to find a simple biscuit in the wrapper bearing the image of a Choco-drenched cookie. And it leads to poor sales performance and hurts your brand image. 

Besides, a customer should be able to figure out what’s inside in the first glace of your product. Exaggeration is okay as soon as it doesn’t affect the transparency of your product. 


By making your packaging looks unique, you give your product a competitive edge. Unique structures work to seize attention, especially when your competitors use standard boxes. Changing the size of your packaging can make a difference.

For example, a watermelon drink can be launched in the packaging shaped like a watermelon slice. Apart from structural changes, press effects and texture changes also make your product look unique. 


How functional your packaging is as important as its visual appeal. Simply put, the packaging should be easy to use for your target audience. The more functional the product, the more sales it will get. For example, the elderly product should come in the packaging that is easy to open as many seniors have pain or bone problems. 

So these are some key elements that make your packaging effective and stand out in the crowd. Attractiveness, uniqueness, and transparency are the rules you need to imply in your packaging to boost the sale of your product. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below. 

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