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Shrink film is counted among the most functional and versatile materials used in packaging. Made up of a polymer or PVC plastic, it shrinks tightly over the content when applied with heat. Shrink films are commonly used to package and bundle boxes, foods, books, and fragile items. The advantages of shrink film often translate into a more cost-effective packaging option for many enterprises.

At iSell, we offer high-quality shrink films for all types and sizes of businesses. Call us now to find the best shrink film for your company.

At iSell, we have been providing custom packaging solutions to all businesses. We are one of the leading packaging companies for shrink wrap films with a dedicated team available to meet your order on any given day. Working with us will ensure that you get a wide range of packaging options at affordable prices, and also receive outstanding customer care and communication throughout the process. Let us be your shrink film supplier to get the security, protection, and peace of mind that your business and your customer deserve. Get in touch now!

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Understanding the Benefits of Shrink Wrap

  • Increasing storage space at your warehouse or distribution center.
  • Protecting contents from damage, tampering, and dirt/humidity.
  • Increasing brand awareness as its logos and marketing message can be printed over it.
  • Ensuring a cost-efficient option as well as easy product disposal.
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Key Features:

  • Tough puncture resistance to protect the value of your products
  • Manufactured using computerized process controls
  • Ideal for numerous applications and your unique needs
  • Made from high-quality materials
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Why Choose Us?

iSell Packaging has been offering reliable retail packaging and shrink film solutions to businesses and organizations for years. We take pride in the fact that we are often the first choice of our customers when it comes to packaging needs. Here are some reasons to count on our packaging solutions.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Customized Packaging Solutions

We offer customized packaging solutions to meet your unique requirements. Tell us what kind of packaging you are looking for and how it should be designed. And we put our heart and soul to create the packaging accordingly.

Providing Visual Copy of Packaging Even Before Production

Providing Visual Copy of Packaging Even Before Production

Although shrink film is not normally custom printed. We can let you know what your shrink film are going to look like. We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of bag you are purchasing with the art sized to scale.

Outstanding Customer Support

Outstanding Customer Support

We strive to provide the highest levels of service to all customers, and we are always striving to take ourselves and our clientele to higher levels of accomplishment.

Quality Packaging Solutions

Quality Packaging Solutions

Our expertise, skills, and knowledge and keeping pace with the latest trends and technical developments, let us serve our clients with the best packaging innovations, thereby saving money and time with reduces waste.


Of course! We have an entire sample department that can send you a sample of the shrink film you are looking to make as well as samples of other bags that you might be interested in. Please contact your representative and request the sample bag that you require.

All domestically manufactured shrink films have a lead time of 4 weeks. All imported bags have a lead time of 10 to 12 weeks.

We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of bag you are purchasing with the art sized to scale. You will also see the colors you have selected for your bag and how many sides they are printed on. Please keep in mind that all computer screens vary in size and color pitch. No image on a computer screen will look 100% exactly like the final product. The same holds true for color printouts. Please see  the PMS color chart for just some of the available colors to choose from.

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iSellPackaging takes pride in the fact that we are reliable packaging suppliers for industries of every size and type. With high-quality shrink films and other packaging materials from us, you will find the right packaging to meet your needs within your budget. Call us at 1-800-770-4906 to let us know how we can meet your shrink films requirement.