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From Crisis to Construction: Sandbags for Every Need

Explore the ultimate solutions for your construction, industrial, and disaster preparedness needs with our high-quality empty sandbags. Available in all sizes and types, our sandbags are made from a dense, polyweave material for superior durability.

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Empowering Your Projects with High-Quality Empty Sandbags

At iSell Packaging, we offer high-quality empty sandbags for your every requirement, whether it is construction, flood control, agriculture, or anything else. Whether you are looking for plastic sandbags, clear plastic sandbags, plastic woven sandbags, or white plastic sandbags, we have a wide range of sandbags to meet your needs.

Our heavy-duty sandbags are made from dense, polyweave material and feature double stitching to secure the heavy weight of sand. They are tear and snag-resistant and come with a hemmed opening and built-in tie closures.

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Our Comprehensive Range of Sand Bags

Heavy Duty Sand Bags:

Our heavy-duty sandbags are designed to withstand the toughest conditions. Whether you’re securing construction sites, controlling erosion, or creating barriers, these bags deliver unmatched strength and durability.

Small Sand Bags:

Need to tackle smaller tasks or require more portable solutions? Our small sandbags are the perfect choice. Compact yet effective, these bags are ideal for flood prevention, weighing down signs, or even arts and crafts projects. Don’t let their size fool you—our small sandbags pack a punch.

1 Cubic Yard Sand Bags:

For larger-scale projects requiring substantial amounts of sand, our 1 cubic yard sandbags offer unbeatable convenience. Whether you’re filling them with sand, gravel, or other materials, these bags provide ample capacity and strength to get the job done efficiently.

Empty Heavy Duty Poly Sand Bag 12 x 16:

Looking for a specific size and material combination? Our empty heavy-duty poly sandbags measuring 12 x 16 inches are versatile and reliable. Crafted from high-quality materials, they’re ready to be filled with your preferred contents, ensuring a secure and tailored solution for your needs.

Large Sand Bags:

When standard sizes won’t cut it, turn to our large sandbags. With a generous capacity and robust construction, these bags are perfect for industrial, agricultural, or landscaping purposes. Whether you’re stabilizing equipment or creating temporary barriers, our large sandbags offer unparalleled performance.

Custom Sand Bags:

If you are looking for unique sandbags for your unique requirements, we have got you covered. Just tell us your needs and we will create a sand bag accordingly.

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Why Choose Our Sand Bags

Made from High-Quality Materials

Made from High-Quality Materials

A diverse range of Sand Bags For All Your Needs

A diverse range of Sand Bags For All Your Needs

Competitively Priced

Competitively Priced

Customer Support

Customer Support

Digital Sample Available

Digital Sample Available


Sandbag prices can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and quantity. Generally, smaller sandbags are more affordable, while heavy-duty or larger bags may cost more. Contact us directly for specific pricing information.

Our sandbags are available for purchase online. Check our website for online ordering options or inquire with local retailers for availability.

Yes, we offer a wide range of heavy-duty sandbags designed to meet the demands of industrial, construction, and landscaping projects. Our heavy-duty bags are built to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions, providing reliable support and stability.

Our sandbags are typically made from durable woven polypropylene or burlap, ensuring strength and longevity.

Our sandbags come in various sizes, but typically they can hold anywhere from 40 to 50 pounds of sand, depending on the size and material.

Yes, our sandbags are designed for multiple uses. Once they’ve been emptied, they can be stored and reused whenever needed.

Yes, we offer custom printing services for sandbags. You can personalize them with your logo, text, or any other branding elements.

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We make sure that you receive quality sand bags for your requirements. We have placed numerous quality control measures in place to ensure you receive an efficient product. Let us know how we can meet sandbags or other packaging needs.