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Ensuring safe delivery of your products throughout the shipping process!

Our custom printed poly mailer bags and envelopes are plastic bags that are designed to ship your products, making them the most common packaging resource for all couriers and eCommerce businesses. We at sell packaging offer high-quality poly mailer bags and envelopes ensuring the safety of the products contained within throughout transportation.

iSellPackaging custom printed poly mailer bags & envelopes are used to mail and ship products, clothing, arts, documents, and more. We can custom manufacture and print your poly mailers and send them to you quickly. We are a reliable custom printed plastic mailer bag supplier to both private and government agencies.

We focus on your specific requirements and can help in making the best choices for your application. We can help streamline the printing process as well as achieve better efficiency and improve your profitability. In a broader sense, iSellPackaging supplies much more than custom printed poly mailer bags and envelopes; We deliver reliable, packaging solutions that are made to perform. Should you need something specific, feel free to contact us for a solution to solve your packaging challenge. We are here to give you a competitive edge with our top-notch packaging solutions.

Whether you ship custom orders or handle a large online business, having us as your reliable packaging partner will streamline your operations.

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Lightweight, Compact, Affordable and Customizable—What Our Custom Printed Poly / Plastic Mailer Bags are All About!

We take pride in being the best custom printed plastic poly mailer bag & envelope manufacturers offering efficient poly mailer bags of all sizes to all businesses. Offering superb printability, excellent strength, and proven water resistance. Our custom poly mailer bags are available in clear, multi-wall and opaque films. You can choose from permanent or seal/resealable closures with a wide range of sizes.

Superior Customer Service

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how quickly and efficiently iSellPackaging can process your order custom poly mailer bag order. In this non-stop hectic world we live in today our lead time for an order is usually very stable commodity, and we are 100% prepared to help you when time gets tight with our first class priority services. Rush orders for non-printed bags can be shipped in in an expedited manner, while custom printed poly mailer bags can be prepared as quickly as two weeks. If you require a fully customized poly mailer bag design, but don’t have the knowledge or experienced to get this completed….do not worry! We have full time / on-staff graphic designers with decades of experience who can assist you in creating the perfect custom printed poly mailer bag you are envision envisioning.

Call us today!

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Our Custom Printed Poly Mailer Bags and Envelopes are Available in Virtually Any Size:

iSellPackaging custom printed poly mailer bag capabilities

Custom color printing: Maximum up to 10 Colors

Minimum order run: 10,000

Smallest available size: 4” wide x 5” long

Largest available size: 30” wide x 52” long

Poly materials available: Co-Extruded or Polyethylene

Order Size: Smallest Order 10,000

Bottom gusset width: 0.25 inch – 12.0 inches

Poly gauge: .00175 – .006

Custom Closure: permanent or semi-permanent adhesive tape closure

Options: Bottom gussets, perforations, and a captive flap

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Why Choose Us?

iSell Packaging has been offering reliable retail packaging and poly mailer bag solutions to businesses and organizations for years. We take pride in the fact that we are often the first choice of our customers when it comes to packaging needs. Here are some reasons to count on our packaging solutions.

Customized Packaging Solutions

Customized Packaging Solutions

We offer customized custom printed plastic / poly mailer bag & envelope packaging solutions to meet your unique requirements. Tell us what kind of packaging you are looking for and how it should be designed. And we put our heart and soul to create the packaging accordingly.

Providing Visual Copy of Packaging Even Before Production

Providing Visual Copy of Packaging Even Before Production

We also let you know what your custom printed plastic / poly mailer bags & envelopes are going to look like. We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of bag you are purchasing with the art sized to scale. At iSellPackaging, we have our own in-house dedicated graphic arts department capable of designing or recreating virtually any package design you require for your business. We have over 30 years' experience working with the most popular graphic arts programs like Adobe and Corel Design Suites.

Outstanding Customer Support

Outstanding Customer Support

We strive to provide the highest levels of service to all customers, and we are always striving to take ourselves and our clientele to higher levels of accomplishment.

Quality Packaging Solutions

Quality Packaging Solutions

Our expertise, skills, and knowledge and keeping pace with the latest trends and technical developments, let us serve our clients with the best packaging innovations, thereby saving money and time with reduces waste. Let iSellPackaging tailor your custom poly mailer bags for your marketing needs! As an experienced provider of custom plastic bags, we understand the importance of creating and promoting your brand and product appropriately in a secure, functional and stylish manner. Your custom printed poly mailer bag acts as marketing tool for your business, and we understand that. Making sure your company is being represented the best way with custom poly mailer options from iSellPackaging. To order, please complete the contact form below or call us at today for a quote from an experienced team member!

Your Guide to Custom Printed Poly Mailers & Envelopes with iSellPackaging

Customers pay attention to almost every single detail of their shopping and shipping experience. Therefore, in order to stand out from the competition, businesses need to focus on making every aspect of their experience as perfect as possible. Still, it is important to choose the right shipping apparel for your brand. Read on to know how to choose between the numerous options.

Why Should Your Business Start Using Poly Mailers?

Among the many shipping products, custom printed poly mailer bags & envelopes have made their way to become cost-friendly alternatives to shipping physical goods. The production process is a lot cheaper than cardboard manufacturing. Aside from that, this gives businesses the leverage to have a flexible budget while providing custom poly mailer bags. What comes as an added bonus is that poly mailers are thinner and lighter than standard cardboard boxes. This results in budget-friendly storage, transportation, and delivery.

Poly mailer bags from iSellPackaging are industry regarded as being of the highest quality and most durable custom packaging bags throughout the poly bag industry. Our custom poly mailer bags and envelopes are more than just the perfect protection for the contents contained within, these mailer bags are also a branding tool for your business.

Most custom poly mailer bags are designed to mail and or ship products, documents, sample products, clothing, and more. Our custom printed poly mailers are less expensive than corrugated boxes.  iSellPackaging custom printed mailer bags are can be produced with unlimited design options, sizing print color, and gauges depending on your shipping requirements.

Poly mailer bags are also known as co-extruded bags, which are usually made from and tear-resistant and puncture-resistant materials. All of our custom printed poly mailer bags include a a super strong self sealing adhesive closure strip for fast, easy and permanent sealing. Typical custom printed poly mailers are usually white poly exterior with a gray or black coextruded inner layer to insure privacy during shipping. Our custom printed poly mailer bags can be fully customized, allowing unlimited designs and sizes to accommodate your goods and materials.


Why Should You Go for Custom Printed Poly Mailers for your business?

Your brand speaks volumes about your values, story, and foundation. Poly mailer shipping package is the one-stop solution for showcasing everything your brand stands for. It is an incredible way to engage your customers. Investing in customized poly mailers is an opportunity with great returns down the road. Your business logo on the poly mailers is a splendid way to stand out of crowd.

Learn more about our Custom Printed Poly Mailers here.

Is There Anything You Can’t Ship in a Custom Printed Poly Mailer or Envelope?

Poly mailers make the ideal shipping apparel for most goods. They are best suited for fabric-based goods. Apart from that, products that require an exterior layer like stationery or shoes would fit great in poly mailers. Products that are fragile and prone to damage in route should be avoided.

What Should You Look for in a Custom Printed Poly Mailer Bag or Envelope?


Shipping materials required strength and durability and therefore, look for the thickness of the poly mailer and its adhesive strength.

Tear Strip

The poly Mailer packaging should be easy to handle and open. So regardless of what and where you are shipping, you would want your customers to open the packaging without the use of sharp objects. A tear strip in the mailer can be opened with ease without mangling the item.

Release Liner

The product may be packed but not ready to ship till then the release liner protects the adhesive until the item is ready to be sealed and shipped.

Tamper Evident

Many poly mailers come equipped with weak adhesive strength. This makes it very easy to peel and reseal; this puts the customer’s confidentiality at stake. iSellPackaging’s poly mailers come with strong adhesive; enough to trace the tampering.


Look for variety. From printed bags to branding, boxes choose the packaging that fits your product needs specifically. A material that excites informs and creates a desire for the product packed inside in the minds of the customer.


The ideal size for poly mailers should be enough to fit the items and not have too much space left. The best to choose the correct size is by ordering samples and testing them by yourselves to pick the perfect fit.

T-shirt 9×12” Fabric- 3yds 14.5 x19”
Dress Shirt 10×13” Fabric- 2 yds 12 x 15.5”
Sweater 12x 15.5” or 14.5 x 19” Fabric- 1 yd 10 x 13”
Jeans/Dress 12x 15.5” or 14.5×19” Sheet Set 14.5 x 19” or 19 x 24”
Socks 6×9” Napkin Set 10 x 13”

What Should You Consider When It Comes to Sustainability?

Packaging experts must care about the planet as much as your customers do. Manufacturing processes undergo eco-conscious strategies.

    • Custom printed poly mailers and envelopes should be recycled and reused.
    • The manufacturing processes intend minimal wastage.
    • Lighter, thinner but sturdier than most competitive mailers; lesser pollution is released into the environment.

Using branded retail packaging can help you achieve that potential ‘wow’ moment when your product gets delivered to the customer while adding to the overall customer experience. Pack! Ship! Deliver! with iSellPackaging’s Custom Poly Mailers USA.


Of course! We have an entire sample department that can send you a sample of the custom printed plastic / poly mailer bag & envelope you are looking to make as well as samples of other bags that you might be interested in. Please contact your representative and request the sample bag that you require.

All domestic custom printed plastic poly mailer bag & envelope have a lead time of 4 weeks. All imported custom printed plastic / poly mailer bags & envelopes have a lead time of 10 to 12 weeks.

We will send you a very detailed pre-press proof in an Adobe Acrobat PDF format. This pre-press proof will show you the type of custom printed plastic / poly mailer bag & envelope you are purchasing with the art sized to scale. You will also see the colors you have selected for your bag and how many sides they are printed on. Please keep in mind that all computer screens vary in size and color pitch. No image on a computer screen will look 100% exactly like the final product. The same holds true for color printouts. Please see the PMS color chart for just some of the available colors to choose from.

Let Us Meet Know Your Poly Mailer Bags Requirements!

Thank you for your interest in our custom printed plastic / poly mailer bag & envelopes. Please get in touch so that we can know your packaging requirements to help you suggest the right solution for your business requirements.