What Drives the Growth of Green Packaging Market?

What Drives the Growth of Green Packaging Market?


Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging or eco-friendly packaging, is made of recycled or biodegradable materials. Businesses are using green packaging to minimize the production cost and carbon footprints as well. Customers prefer them because they are reusable and easy to decompose. According to a report by Transparency Market Research, green packaging can be a US$203.15 industry by 2021, registering a positive 6.2% CAGR during that time.

Green Packaging

From saving environment to increasing business’s benefits, here is why green packaging’s adaptability rate is one the rise.

 1. Reducing Carbon Footprint:

This is one of the key reasons! The amount of carbon emission remains lower in the manufacturing and transportation of green packaging. The reason is simple—green packaging is made from biodegradable and recycled materials. So it requires less resources, fuel and energy to produce them. For example, re-usable big bags are collected, cleaned and delivered to the industries once they are emptied by the consumers. This way, it minimizes the production of the packaging, thereby saving fuel, energy, transportation and above all environment.

 2. Creates Less Waste:

(Like we said in previous point) Companies collect the bags once they are emptied by the consumers. Or they can be used by the consumers to carry or store the things. Besides, green packaging is biodegradable, meaning that they are capable of being decomposed by bacteria. No wonder that green packaging minimizes the waste owing to these traits.

 3. Multipurpose:

Green packaging is not only eco-friendly, but also versatile. It can be used for cosmetics, electronics, pharmaceuticals, auto parts, etc. In short, it can be re-used and re-purposed in all industries using packaging.

 4. Improve Brand Image:

Eco-friendly packaging also boosts your brand image. It conveys a message to the customers that you are caring about this planet and want to save the environment. Besides, today’s customers are more aware about environmental issues and try to practice “go green” ideology in their daily life. According to a recent study, 78% customers admitted to feel more positive about a product coming in a recycled packaging.

Nielsen Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility found that—

“55% percent of global online consumers across 60 countries say they are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact .“

So green packaging helps you boost your sales and brand image as well.

 5. An Ability to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse:

Most green packaging materials are capable of being reduced, reused and recycled. Here we have explained these three stages in brief.

  • Reduce: Using thinner and durable materials in manufacturing.
  • Reuse: Delivering products in reusable packaging like totes or molded case that can be used by customers.
  • Recycle:They are made up of the materials which can be recycled easily.

So you must have understood how green packaging reduces carbon footprints; lowers the manufacturing cost; minimizes the waste, and benefits both customer and businesses.

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