The Booming Market of Stand Up Pouches

The Booming Market of Stand Up Pouches

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Whether it’s a supplement, coffee beans, juice, chocolates or snacks, stand up pouches continue to become a popular packaging option for most consumer goods.

A stand up pouch, as the name implies, stands on its own with strong bottom support. Generally, they are sealed with zip closure.

They are made from three materials—polypropylene, polyesters and metal foil. A metal foil is usually extracted from aluminum while polypropylene is a thermoplastic obtained from petroleum. Polyesters are a category of synthetic polymers. However, stand up pouches are not a new concept as they’ve been around for decades. The recent popularity is largely rested on their ability to being reused and waste reduction. They are flexible, functional and can be used in many ways.

The Ever-Increasing Demand of Stand up Pouches

Stand up pouches is counted among the fastest-growing flexible packaging types with an ever-increasing global demand. According to one study, the demand for stand up pouches in the USA will rise almost 6% year over year to $2.9 billion by 2022. Stand up pouches offer a sustainable alternative and can also be used for branding. Besides, the rise in demand for packaged food and cost-effectiveness of stand-up pouches are driving their growth across the globe.

The Asia Pacific is accounted for the largest market share in the stand-up pouches market, according to a recent study by MarketsandMarkets.

The growth of the market in this region can be attributed to the ever-increasing demand from highly populated nations like China and India as this packaging ensures cost-saving and appeal to their aesthetics. In addition to that, stand up pouches are being used in sectors like healthcare, cosmetics, oil, and agricultural products. The key players in the stand-up pouches market are Mondi, Berry Global Group, Proampac, Bemis Company, and Smurfit Kappa, according to MarketsandMarkets.

The Booming Market of Stand Up Pouches

Driving Factors behind the Popularity of Stand up Pouches

  • Can Be Resealed:

Most stand up pouches are equipped with zip closure, meaning that they can be resealed after the use. This not only adds to the convenience of the consumers but also keeps food fresh for longer. Besides, they make opening and closing the pack simpler for people having disabilities or challenges with dexterity.

  • Clear Windows:

Many pouches are transparent, letting the consumers see what’s inside. It can positively influence their buying decision. After all, most consumers want to see the physical product before purchase.

  • Recyclability:

Stand up pouches are easy to recyclable as they are made with recyclable or sustainable materials.

  • Reusability:

Stand up pouches can be reused for storing snacks or other products. This way, they can help with waste reduction.

  • Fewer Materials:

Stand up pouches need fewer materials to produce than many other packaging options, lowering waste and manufacturing costs, and reducing the carbon footprint as well. Their lightweight makes them cheaper when it comes to transportation.

  • Durability:

Although stand up pouches are made from flexible materials, they are durable and long-lasting. This quality makes them perfect for the items that may be used intermittently.

  • Easy to Use:

Stand up pouches also come with handles so that the customers can carry them with ease. Besides, they can have added spouts on top to let products like sauces other liquids to be easily poured without any mess.

We hope to see stand up pouches as the packaging for other products in the future. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.












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