How to Choose the Right Retail Packaging for Your Product Needs

The impact of good packaging is amazing on your product. Packaging intends to be the first impression of any product. If your product has good packaging it will definitely grab the attention of consumers. There will surely be a thought to make a purchase after being attracted to the packaging.

According to the survey, 81% of consumers in the U.S.A tried something new as the packaging of the product caught their eye.

It is evident that right packaging is crucial for your product to reach the right consumers. On the other hand, wrong packaging can be detrimental to establish your brand identity. As no one will desire to buy a product which doesn’t have good packaging. Therefore, it is necessary for you to choose the right retail packaging for your product needs.

This blog will discuss the benefits of packaging and the ways by which you can choose the right retail packaging for your needs.

Elements of Packaging

Elements of Packaging’s help the consumer to relate to the brand easily. A sleek design along with proper branding is the essence of packaging which is possible due to these elements. The four main elements of packaging are:

Colors : Colors have the power to lay psychological impact on consumers and eventually draw their attention towards the product. Undoubtedly, colors reflect the personality of the brand and therefore must be chosen carefully.

Visuals: Visuals are there on product packaging to represent the product inside. Consumers can get an idea easily about the product even when the written description is not available.

Mascots: Mascots are the kind of pictorial representation that gives strength and identity to the brand packaging.

Typography: Similar to the colors, typography also denotes the values of the brand. It ideally represents your brand purpose. For instance, IBM font depicts power whereas Disney font depicts fun.

Format: Format of packaging of any product is demonstrated in a way that it can grasp the attention of the consumer and they can easily spot them in the market. Format mainly focuses on the requirements of the end users and their convenience.

Benefits of Packaging

●    Its is a brand voice

To understand why packaging is important it is necessary to understand what message it conveys to the end user. It is extremely important to understand what your product packaging will communicate about your brand. Each element of packaging discussed above has a significant message to be conveyed. For instance, it communicates:

  • Your brand’s ethics and values:
  • Your targeted audience
  • Role of your product
  • Its impact on the consumer

Therefore, there is no doubt that packaging is one of the most essential aspects of marketing.

●    Protection

The prime objective of packaging is protection of product contents inside it during handling, storage and transportation. Packaging intends to protect the product from manufacturing till it reaches the consumer from humidity, heat or any other external factors. Your product packaging must safeguard your product from all possible factors.

●    Safety

As all of the important information is there on the product packaging such as manufacturing date, date of expiry, ingredients and presence of any harmful or allergic substance. This all directly relates to the safety of the consumer. Packaging with too many details is far better than packaging with no information about the product. It builds trust of the consumer on brand.

●    Grasp Attention

For those brands that think out of the box and have attractive elements to the packaging, have higher chances of gaining popularity. Packaging is undoubtedly as much as important as the product itself. It directly impacts the decision of the consumer regarding the purchase.

●    Fit to all Purpose Packaging

Usually consumers intend to buy products with the packaging that can be reused for any other purposes. Also, they search for packaging that is simple to open or close, easy to handle and can be kept easily after usage. Also, environment conscious consumers intend to go for packaging that is environment friendly and reusable.

Moreover, the packaging must reduce the carbon footprint.

How You Can Choose the Right Retail Packaging

●     Budget:

Before you move ahead with the packaging, it is essential that you keep in mind and plan your overall budget. This will be helpful to you while selecting the material for packaging. Also, you would know how much cost you must spend in enhancing your product packaging.

There must be a balance between price of products and their attractiveness. Natural fiber or glass packaging seems to be very attractive in packaging. Yet, they are too costly to be used in packaging as well as shipping.

Therefore, it is advisable to pay attention that packaging neither affects your budget nor that of the end user.

If you learn the art of balancing budget with attractiveness of packaging your brand will attain its goal for sure.

●     Transportation:

It is essential that the packaging is suitable to carry products easily. In case your product is bulky or fragile, you need to adopt packaging with adequate strength.

It is more economical to select packaging as per the product requirements instead of letting the product be wasted while transportation. In this way you will satisfy your consumers without burdening your budget.

●     Materials And Sustainability:

The golden rule while selecting product packaging is to keep it of the right size. Neither it should be too small that the product does not fit in nor it should be too big that it gets ruined.

There are many options available in flexible films that make the transportation of products convenient in contrast to other bulky packaging materials.

●     Size

In situations where your product comes in a variety of sizes it is not advisable to create packaging or all the sizes. Rather, it is recommended to reduce the cost of manufacturing two different sized packaging.

In this way you will save both time and money and maintain consistency in packaging. Therefore, size of packaging is an essential parameter.

●     Design And Branding

As we have discussed that the packaging is the front player for any product that communicates with the end user, keep them in mind always. Always pay attention to the choices and interests of the end user. Packaging must align with their perspective. For instance, if your product is related to the kids, its packaging should be able to grasp the attention of the kids at first sight.

For this, you need to do proper market research and understand consumer intent. The first criteria of marketing is to think by putting yourself in the shoes of the end user. You must have a better idea why what they are looking for in the packaging and how you can quench their thirst with your brand’s creativity.

●    Choose the Right Packaging Company:

After you understand your packaging requirements and consumer intent, it is the time to choose the right packaging company that can address your needs well.

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Wrapping Up!

In conclusion, the role of packaging in the success of any brand can’t be ignored. Your packaging must have the power to catch the eye ball of the end user. After you are done with all essential considerations such as your needs, budget, etc. You can rely on iSellPackaging to offer you the best packaging solutions.