Stand-Up Pouches: Are They Making Up To The Future Of Packaging?

Stand-Up Pouches: Are They Making Up To The Future Of Packaging?

In the last few years, an exponential growth has been observed in the U.S. market for products with stand-up pouches. Together with Canada, it has used around 19.8 billion stand-up pouches in the last year.

And that’s not all! As per the report issued by PCI Films, “The U.S. Market for Stand-up Pouches to 2018”, a steady growth is expected in thCustom Retail Flexible Stand-Up Pouchese market. The report shares the detailed information regarding the U.S. stand-up pouch market by volume, the trends of pouches in more than 30 sectors, existing and planned filling capacities, and lots more. Majorly, it forecasts the growth of the market through 2018, which depicts how the market will develop.

In case, you are also planning for this mode of packaging for your products, here are some reasons to help you make a quick decision. Read on:

Customization gets easier

Label is an essential part of any rigid package, and yes, it adds to the total cost of the filling process. Being supplied from a different supplier, these labels often turn out to be a chokepoint in the filling process. However, in case of flexible packaging, or pouches, the full printing features along with the lamination of the films are included. Thus, it marginally increases the cost of the pouch, without affecting the filling process.

In addition, there are endless printing options, giving you freedom to decorate.

Barrier properties

Another major advantage of flexible packaging over rigid packaging is that it serves you with the ability to ‘dial-in’ the appropriate barrier for the product and end-use. For example, your end product is such as juices or some other type of drink, which needs a reasonable oxygen barrier. The traditional bottles, the one made from PET or glass provide a barrier for all products, whether it is needed or not.

However, pouches can be supplied with barrier properties. Hence, you have an option to provide moisture and aroma protection, and to restrict the same.

It is light weight:

Let’s illustrate with an example, the bottled water. If it is your product, your main aim would be somewhere around making the packing lighter and producing less waste. These stand-up pouches serve both the purposes. Do you know the use of pouches will help water companies to reduce their packaging weight by 50 percent? Hence, your next smart move needs to be replacing the plastic bottles with lightweight and flexible pouches.

Variation and dispensing in one step

Adding variety to the packing style is possible with these flexible plastic films. You can craft them into any shape, add handles, modify fitments, and blend opening features. Nowadays these come with advanced dispensing functions like scored tear features and screw-top caps. So, flexible packaging is ideal for enhancing rigid packs, meanwhile adding attractive decoration features to the same.

Greater sizes

Thanks to the advanced technology, now flexible packaging has significantly increased the ability to produce packaging of ever-larger sizes. Yes, now you can benefit your business with larger retail flexible packages.

And these reasons are sufficient to explain the future and why there will be a definite increase in volume of stand-up pouch. Moreover, the users can expect advancements in re-sealable packages, seal packages, etc., which will continue expanding as per their needs.

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