Stand Up Pouch Packaging: The Newer Way To Success!

Stand Up Pouch Packaging: The Newer Way To Success!

Packaging industry has gone through the sea of change over the last decade. While several innovations come and go, the one ruling the market these days is of stand-up pouches. Yes, these have come forth as a revolutionizing packaging for countless industries. Here is a list of some advantages you need to know about them.

In every industry the competition is getting harder day by day. For example, food and beverage industry, there is a flurry of products in the market. In order to entice the customers and keep them buying your product, you need to think over the edge. Simply focusing on quality might not lead to the desired results. How can you you’re your products stand out in the crowd of other similar products? Here comes packaging!

Well, it is not constrained to the same industry, and many other businesses too are benefiting from it. And among this, the recent trend is of those durable and easy to carry stand up pouches. These are a form of flexible packaging and are generally a blend of plastic, aluminum, and other materials. Being strong, these protect your products from both, environmental and physical hazards. That’s not all!

Custom Flexible Stand Up Pouch Packaging

Below are listed some major advantages of these pouches;

FDA certificate:

Buyers are highly concerned about the quality of products they purchase. This is probably a reason why they look for the ‘safest’ option available. So, for your business there will be no better endorsement than having FDA certification. Yes, stating ‘FDA compliant packaging’ on the label of your product will be no less than a blessing to increase your sales and win over the customer’s loyalty.

Lower shipment costs:

Have you even calculated the cost of shipment and how it affects the price of your products? If not, do the same today and just check how much your sales can increase if you cut down the price. Stand up pouches allows you to cut down the shipping costs twice.

  • Being lightweight and shipped flat, it’s cheaper to deliver the pouches to and from the production site.
  • It lowers the overall weight of the packaged product.
  • It simplifies the way to arrange, cutting down on the space required.

In all, reduces the shipping costs and benefits your business.

Versatility of design:

You might have been dealing with those tin cans or jars. In that case, the labeling options were limited. And if there were some tech solutions to go for an extraordinary kind of design, the problem arises with cost of doing so. Hence, limited options and budget somewhere hold back your creative packing plans. Not anymore you! For the high level of competition, now businesses can go ahead with innovative packaging ideas, without putting a big hole in their pocket with these stand-up pouches. These can be easily customized and make branding an easier task. Beautiful and colorful design will cost you very little.


Yes, these flexible packaging options are reusable. Generally, stand up pouches come with zip locks, spouts, and re-sealable seals. While these features make it usage more convenient, it gives an option to reuse the same pack. In case, your consumers are looking for more convenience in an eco- friendly manner, this feature can be an added advantage. It can be helpful in increasing the sales.

Better brand image:

Looking for creative packaging for your business? Nothing serves you better this. You can simply make your brand more visually appealing. And when you keep it environmentally friendly, users feel great about using your product.

Hence, if you have been worrying for the dangers your products face during transport and storage, you have the right solution. Stand up pouches are more convenient and usable. And the good thing is that the manufacturers can now experiment with attractive designs and attract the users!

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