Recycling Rules: You Must Know Them!

Recycling Rules: You Must Know Them!

People all across the world are stepping actively towards recycling moment. But often between the multicolored bins, sticky bottles, recycling can, complex facilities, etc. appears to be very daunting.

Not a problem anymore! It will just take fewer efforts to make a good decision in keeping the throwaway items from being lost in a landfill. Here are listed some essential tips for recycling:

Essential tips for recycling throwaway items

Learn about your area:

The first thing you need to know is that recycling procedures vary from state to state. Hence, it is highly important to learn what all is allowed in your area. It will be helpful in determining how to separate various materials, where to leave your recycling bins, what you can recycle, etc.

Keep your recyclable containers clean:

Don’t go by the fact that the recycling centers will toss out containers just because they’re dirty. Yes, in the recyclables market, the cleaner containers are worth more. Reason being, these are easier and cheaper to process.

Strictly avoid these items in the recycling bin:

There are few items like plastic bags, which can jam up the equipment of any recycling facility. Hence, you must be very careful while adding them to recycling bins.

Other stuff can be those take-out food containers, pizza delivery box, bottles carrying hazardous liquids or old batteries. While some of the can be dangerous, others are hard to recycle.

Complicated symbols need you attention:

When it is about plastic containers, these are labeled with a resin identification code (RIC). Basically, this code describes the grade of plastic you’re using, and also how well it can be recycled. In this case, the label 1 and 2 fall in the category which can be recycled at almost every recycling center. Then there are number 3, 6 and 7 which cannot be recycled and need to be added directly in the trash. What about the 4 and 5 labels? These can be recycled at some specific recycling centers; you need to call those centers for confirmation.

Learn to separate your recyclables:

Well, this will depend on your municipality recycling system. For example, in some states, it is must to separate aluminum, glass and plastic. However, in New York you only have to separate paper materials from the rest. You are advised to check in with your waste services program for this.

Thus, follow the above stated rules of recycling, and you’ll be able to adapt a green routine in no time!

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