Plastic bags with handles

Plastic bags with handles

Custom Stylish Plastic bags with handles
plastic bags with handles

Plastic bags with handles usually feature one of two types of handle designs. Plastic bags with handles can be either attached to the upper edge of the bag or die cut into the plastic bag in a pre selected location. The heat sealed type of  bag are generally stronger, tear resistant and more upscale than other handle styles. Handles are attached to the poly film can be a rigid or a molded type handle or made of the same poly material as the main polybag film. The most popular style of handles for plastic shopping bags are called soft loop handles. These soft loops are more comfortable for the carrier when they slip their hand or wrist onto the handles. Just like a very good paper shopping bags, a custom printed soft loop shopping bag presents a high end brand image to customers.

Additionally, much like a paper shopping bag, a soft loop plastic shopping bag are very popular for promotional use or trade show purposes. Soft loop shoppers generally only have expansions pleat in the gusset located on the bottom of the bag. This means they are usually not freestanding and are less suitable for larger items. Although bulky and/or heavy gift items usually do not fit in the bags or may stretch the plastic, soft loop shoppers are ideal for apparel and other soft goods and so suitable for many kinds of retailers.
Most soft loop shopping bags generally come in many attractive colors, finishes, and sizes. iSell Packagings offers a full line of frosted/colored plastic shopping bags with soft loop handles and frosted clear soft loop shoppers. We know that no two bags or customers are the same, so please give us a call and we will be happy to help you find the right bag for your business. Call us today at 1-800-770-4906

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