Interesting Facts about Bubble Wrap

Interesting Facts about Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap can be a stress buster. Bubble Wrap can be a wedding dress. Bubble Wrap can prevent hypothermia. Read on here some interesting facts about Bubble Wrap.

You must have noticed that your most electronic devices come with a plastic sheet teemed with tiny bubbles. Well, this sheet is a Bubble Wrap.

Bubble Wrap packaging

Bubble Wrap is a pliable plastic sheet dotted with small air pockets ranging from 6.0 to 25.4 mm in diameter.

This type of packaging is known for its lightweight and water-resistant properties.

Also known as “bubble pack”, it is an ideal packaging for fragile items as it provides excellent cushioning. Bubble mailers or bubble envelopes are used to protect DVDs, antiques, and jewelry during shipping. Bubble Wrap has anti-static properties to protect electronic chips or other electronic components from a potentially damaging static charge.

Apart from protecting the items from damages, most of the Bubble Wraps are made from eco-friendly materials and can be recycled.

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Here we have rounded up some interesting facts about Bubble Wrap

 1. It’s Innovation Was Accidental:

Bubble Wrap was invented by two engineers, Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes in 1957. It was the time when they were creating plastic wallpaper with a paper backing. And Bubble Wrap was what they did end up with. The duo established Sealed Air Corporation in 1960 and named their invention Bubble Wrap.

 2. Even the Packaging has got its Own Day:

Did you know that the final Monday of January is known as Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day? On this day, a consignment of microphones was delivered to a radio station in Indiana; all microphones were wrapped in a bubble sheet. Their popping sound while unwrapping was accidentally broadcasted. This triggered a wave of wrap appreciation, which was translated into a special day being allocated to it every January.

 3. Popping Bubbles Can Ease Your Stress:

Admit it. You must have sought pleasure crushing those tiny air bubbles on the wrap.  Guess what it is a great way to relieve your stress. According to a 1992 study conducted by Professor Kathleen Dillon, popping the sheet can promote relaxation. It may be because we are likely to feel relaxed by sensations of touch.

 4. Being a Bride Outfit:

In order to have a sustainable wedding gown, English citizen Rachael Robinson wore a Bubble Wrap dress in May 2010. According to one news report,the dress featured “a 3ft Bubble Wrap train – is made from sheets of carefully stitched Bubble Wrap, attached to an inner cloth lining, and finished off with white foam packaging material and Haribo sweets.”

 5. It Can Prevent Hypothermia:

Another amazing use of a Bubble Wrap!

A team of emergency medical technicians in Norway uses Bubble Wrap to minimize hypothermia in a harsh climate. Even a 2009 study found it 69% effective in heat retention after determining the effect in mannequins. However, one shouldn’t solely rely on Bubble Wrap for complete protection as the study concludes…

“In dry and no wind conditions, three cotton blankets provide better insulation than Bubble Wrap. When rated as a sleeping bag, the Bubble Wrap performs adequately in temperatures above 18°C. In order to establish the true value of Bubble Wrap for hypothermia prevention in prehospital care, a randomized real-life experiment is required.”

6. Playboy featured it On Cover:

Bubble Wrap can be glamorous. It was proved when actress Farrah Fawcett posed wearing only Bubble Wrap in a 1997 Playboy cover, leaving nothing to the imagination.

So these are some interesting facts about Bubble Wrap. In a nutshell, it can be more than just a packaging material. What do you think? How do you use Bubble Wrap apart from the packaging? Let us know by commenting below! Keep on popping Bubble Wrap!


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