Innovative Packaging Style to Reduce Food Wastage!

Innovative Packaging Style to Reduce Food Wastage!

According to a report the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, around one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost. Yes, around 1.3 billion tons of food goes wasted every year.

What are the reasons behind?

This would be proReducing Food Waste with Innovative Packagingbably the first question to come in your mind, isn’t it? Well, there are many reasons, will you believe that even in the most advanced supply chain systems, 4% of transported goods are damaged just due to low pallet stability. Hence, there arises the need of many changes and innovation in the industry to meet with the growing need for convenience and eco-friendly food packaging.

How food packaging reduces food wastage?

As sated food wastage leads to millions of hungry people and wasted resources. But that’s not all! It turns out to be a major source in polluting the earth. Yes, the buildup of rotting foods in landfills is now posing an alarming threat of increase in amount of methane which contributes to global warming. As far as food waste and food loss is concerned within the supply chain, it is a growing global issue. For a reason that it occurs on all levels of production and consumption, here are listed the common instances you must know;

  • During the supply-chain process, i.e. before it reaches the store
  • When it is in the store
  • Then in the consumer’s home, before it can be used

When there seems to be no answer to the evolving food wastage, innovative food packaging serves to be a great solution. While these help keep food fresher and safer longer, consumers and businesses can benefit from them in different ways. Have a look;

Faster and easier:

Whether it is about the casual home kitchens or the institutional kitchens, a resourcefully designed food packaging is something high in demand. The reason being, it can help food service operations easily overcome the challenges in the backroom. Such packaging styles offer high-quality and fresh food, which is portioned and ready for assembly. Thus, these ensure quick and cost-effective services.  For example, stand up pouches, which are the flexible packaging solution these days and have significantly increased the ability to produce packaging of ever-larger sizes.

Saves Environment:

It is beneficial for environment. How? The new styles of packaging are reusable. These are available with zip locks, spouts, and re-sealable seals. On one hand, such features make it usage more convenient; on the other it leaves you with an option to reuse the same pack. Nowadays consumers are looking for more convenient and eco- friendly packing styles, this feature can be an added advantage.

Quality ensured:

Today buyers have turned into quality conscious clients who are very cautious about what they get. In simple word, they are in search of safer and best quality options.  So, a quality or certified packaging helps in keeping up the quality of food stuff, further leading to reduction in food wastage.

Here it is essential to look on the point that every preparation step and minute saved in kitchen ultimately amounts to real dollar savings. And as efficiency is vital for every business to be successful, the only way to expand yours is by incorporating innovative packaging solutions to your operations. If you are running any food business, you need to.

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