How packaging strategy is important for small business?

How packaging strategy is important for small business?

A packaging plays a very important role in deciding the future of product like sales, and marketing along the distribution and logistics strategies to take care of. When we talk about packaging, the most obvious argument comes is safety. All a packaging needs to deliver is the product’s freshness and its well being. This is a biomotive thought of humans and what else they can expect from a packaging? Do all products deliver such packaging or do you need to pack in such a way??? It entirely depends on a product like food items are not packed in a solid container. Sodas come in hard plastic and expensive biscuits and cereals in a hard cardboard box. Let’s learn what goes beyond packaging motives and how and why it is done so.

There are mainly

  • Aseptic Processing: The edible products usually opt for this type of packaging to protect it from the environment. On a contrary, somehow the consumer prefers this type of packaging, as it gives them a confidence of a fresh product.
  • Trays: Solid Products are assembled in such type of packaging where they are not tied individually but a group of them are managed under one tray. Usually, eggs, apples, and oranges are the kinds of fruits that are shipped or stored in such ways. They are either made up of plastics or light cardboard.
  • Cans: Most cans are made of steel or other thin metal when found in stores, as well as glass jars when foods are canned in the home. People prefer such packaging.
  • Pallets: Pallets are for mass transportation. Boxes of the product are placed and stacked on the pallet, then wrapped to secure and reduce food movement.
  • Wrappers: Wrappers provides protection to the food from the environment. They are
  • Hard Plastic Packaging: A wide kind of electronic items are packaged under the hard plastic that provides cushion and security to the product and more overlooks attractive too.

Hard Plastic Packaging(Source)

Now since we have read the kinds of wrapping and packaging we get to see commonly, though it is not the ultimate list of all kinds.


While choosing a packaging you will have to keep in consideration the reason for packaging. Do want to lure customers or do you want a cost-effective logistics? Do you want to carry more products in minimum trips or you care more about the safety of the product? This reasoning will let you decide the choice more effectively.


Usually, this kind of packaging does not require much paint or print job. Usually, logo and shipping norms are printed on the boxes. They do not provide the ultimate safety to the products but helps you to collect them into batches.


If you have plans to store them and stack over one another, again it does not need any special printing job whereas the basic must be printed for identification. If majorly it is about stacking, then make sure parasites or insects cannot infiltrate it.


When a packaging is being made with sales in perspective, one has to decide the cost of material and printing too. A provocative packaging consists of

  1. Hard Plastic to show off the real product under packaging.
  2. All kind of cardboards, depending upon the product and the shape you want it to take.
  3. Wrappers but amazing printing jobs.

A packaging is a kind of a communication. An ultimate stage of communication and it is the point where you need to gain either lust or trust of the customer to convert it into sales. It carries a great marketing value and hence it is almost as valuable as the product inside.

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