Factors That Will Dominate Juice Packaging Industry

Factors That Will Dominate Juice Packaging Industry

Packaging for liquid products like juice requires effective seal durability, strength; resistivity to cracking and prevention of spillage.

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This is more critical when the product has to go through complex transportation. Juice packaging is on the way to become the competitive category in the global beverage packing industry. Thanks to the ever-increasing consumption of veggies and fruit juices.

However, there are many trends that have shaped up this packaging segment from time to time. By keeping the today’s customer’s needs in mind as well as the growing environment concerns, here we have rounded up some groundbreaking packaging trends for juice industry.


As people are getting more health conscious, they are looking for the fruit juice brand that can stay fresh for long. That’s why many juice brands are looking for the packaging that can ensure longer shelf life and purity of veggies and fruit juices throughout the storage and transportation. No wonder that why the demand for suitable packaging material is on the rise among juice manufactures.

PET or polyethylene terephthalate packaging has come as an effective packaging for juices over the years.

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Is the packaging flexible for storage? Is it easy to carry? Convenience is another factor to consider while looking for an effective juice packaging. The ever increasing health and hygiene concerns among the consumers are also responsible for this factor.


The environmental effect of juice packaging has emerged as a major factor influencing the market for juice vendors. They are emphasizing more on recyclable packaging in response to rising environmental concerns. The aim of reducing the environmental footprints of juice packaging is prompting the use of eco-friendly resins for packaging. Consequently, biodegradable materials are gaining momentum among the packaging manufacturers.

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Bottom Line:

The international juice packaging market will be influenced by these factors as speculated by Transparency Market Research. Juice companies will continue to witness new trends occurring from the improvements and demands.

What do you think? Do you know about more factors that can influence juice packaging industry? Please share with us.

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