Effective Label Designing Tips for Products

Effective Label Designing Tips for Products

Effective Label Designing Tips for ProductsDid you know? Over 90 percent new products fail just because most customers don’t have the energy or time to assess the pros and cons of the products on the shelves. Here comes product’s labeling.

It is more than a wrap up or the banner of a product. You need to make it attractive, informative to draw the customers near to it. Here are the tips to make effective label for your products.

 1. Keep it Clean and Simple:

Don’t clutter the label with excessive images, fonts and graphics. Make it easy to read as possible so that they can get the information in one go, even from the distance.

 2. Choose Colors Carefully:

Colors are vital elements on the label as they help grab attention. Therefore, they should be used strategically. Keep the complimentary colors that will go together. One more thing—use the colors according to the products. Pick feminine colors like pink for your woman products while grey or metallic shades will go best with the tech products.

 3. Choose the Right Font:

Don’t use too many fonts. Just pick any two to keep your label consistent and easy to read. Besides, fonts should be readable to your target audience. Use clear and bold typography for elders. When you sell sophisticated product, avoid using the fonts or designs that make consumers think about their senior’s garden.

 4. Try Unusual Shape:

Nonstandard shapes are likely to catch the customers’ attention as they pass by. Make sure the shape fits the container size properly.

 5. Add Your Contact Information:

You don’t need to list your headquarters or factories address. Make sure to provide brief details. Don’t forget to add your social media accounts and website address. It would be better if you provide QR code

Don’t lose out on these sales opportunities simply because you forgot to include contact information on the label.

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Bottom Line:

It would be better if you choose the elements according to your target market and your competitors’ practices as well.

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