Carton Box Packaging vs. Plastic Packaging: Which is Right for Your Business?

Carton Box Packaging vs. Plastic Packaging: Which is Right for Your Business?

Carton box or plastic packaging?

Which one is right for your business’s packaging needs?

Well, the answer is not as straight as you are expecting. It requires you to take lot of things into considerations like weight, size, and texture while choosing the suitable packaging for your business.

You also like to know which is more eco-friendly, convenient, economical and suitable option for your products. To help you choosing the best packaging type for your business, we have come up with a quick comparison of these two types of packaging.

Let’s start it with carton box first…

Carton box is generally made of paperboard and sometimes of corrugated fiberboard. They are suitable packaging option for hardware, food, pharmaceuticals and other products. These boxes are similar to a cardboard but they are more durable and easy to handle than the latter. This is why these bags are widely used for packaging in the food industry as they are made with eco-friendly materials.

Carton Boxes are Cheaper and Eco Friendly:

Carton boxes are economical as they are made of recycled cardboard boxes. In simple words, packaging manufacturers assemble these boxes from the worn out boxes. By purchasing them, you not only save cost, but also help the environment. A full grown pine tree is cut down to make 38 kg of boxes you use.

Carton Boxes are Durable:

Carton boxes are known for their durability. They also handle the pressure well. You can line up them against each other without worrying about breaking the boxes.

Good for Your Branding:

You can easily stick your label on them due to their smooth surfaces. Besides, these boxes are made with lasting materials and can be used for years, thereby giving you an efficient marketing strategy.

But There are Some Cons Too…

  • Carton boxes are not weather proof, meaning that the water and other types of liquid can saturate these products which damage the contents.
  • These boxes are not looked as a good option for the packing of heavy materials.

Why Choose Plastic Packaging?

Plastic packaging has its own benefits. Like carton boxes, plastic packaging is the widely used for consumer goods. Here are some of the things making plastic a popular option for packaging:

Plastic is More Flexible:

One of the biggest advantages of plastic is its flexibility. Whereas cardboard is shaped to hold whole range of different contents, plastic has even more possibilities. It can be molded into different types of shapes.

Plastic Packaging Takes Up Less Space:

Generally, plastic packaging takes up less space which allows more things to be stored in the same area.

Plastic is Cheaper than Other Packaging Options:

Plastic won’t cost you much as other packaging materials do. It is manufactured in bulk, keeping the overall cost of this material to be low.

Some Disadvantages of Plastic Packaging…

  • It absorbs the flavor of the foods with strong flavor
  • It is not ecofriendly and takes up to 10 years to decompose
  • It can lose shape and crush under weight


Which is Right Packaging Solution for Your Business?

After going through the comparison between plastic and cardboard packaging, it may be easy for you to choose the right one. Carton box packaging is a suitable packaging option for food, dairy, cosmetics, hardware items, and pharmaceuticals.

On the other hand, plastic packaging is widely used in consumer packaged goods, home and garden, cosmetic and personal care supply and food and beverage packaging.

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