Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers Bags

Benefits of Custom Poly Mailers Bags

Poly Mailers are very common in the e-commerce industry. They are the most preferred method for many sellers. It is due to the fact that an e-commerce seller needs to ship numerous lightweight and small objects virtually every day. Even though custom-sized boxes can serve the same purpose, poly mailers save more space and reduce costs. Whether you use a poly mailer or a box, you need to keep in mind that it represents your brand. You certainly don’t want your brand to look and feel boring and dull. Poly Mailer bags manufacturers USA make sure your brand image only gets better.

Custom poly mailer bags

Although many people try to focus on designing the boxes, they often forget to realize that the design potential with a poly mailer is higher. You could use glossy and make it look subtle or like a pop-up. You could also include your business copy, a small description, some social media icons, your website, as well as blogs. You could also choose two completely different patterns as fronts. If you want to add an extra layer, you could also go opt for stickers. You can opt for many customized ideas for your poly mailers.

Why are custom poly mailer bags with logo a Better Option?


There are many different kinds of poly mailers available these days that can be great for shipping apparel, soft goods, or documents. There are also many bubble mailers available that provide more resistance against damage. These can be perfect for books, electronics, and even jewelry. If you want to add a luxurious feel to the poly mailer, you can opt for some metallic mailers. Metallic mailers have a shiny exterior and are self-adhesive. For heavy-duty goods, you can opt for insulated mailer tote bags for best results. These mailers also provide tear-proof and puncture-proof varieties that can survive even tough weather environments. All of these varieties can offer much more flexibility than traditional boxes. You can use them to fit various products in unique shapes for compact packaging. Poly mailers also consume much less space during delivery and shipping.


Added Security

You understand your product completely. If you think that your product requires an extra layer for protection, you can opt for a bubble wrap lined poly mailer. It can even be a piece of cloth that remains safe against any damage during transit. The crucial thing is to ensure that your custom poly mailers offer you greater freedom of choice. Besides these varieties, there are also many tamper-evident sealing options available that only allow your customer to open them properly. These offer protection against any possible vandalism during shipping and delivery. You should also consider the prevailing weather conditions before you ship your products. Even though most poly mailers are waterproof, you could always check more details to be on the safer side. That way you can rest assured that your product will reach your customers securely.



Poly mailer bags are probably one of the most cost-effective solutions when it comes to e-commerce. Many shipping companies these days have introduced the concept of dimensional weights that add to the overall shipping cost, mainly with boxes. On the other hand, the shipping cost for poly mailer bags starts from $0.49 at USPS provided the package is under 13 oz. But there are other ways as well in which poly mailers can considerably lower your costs. Suppose your customer wants to return a product, with a poly mailer they just need to seal the contents and ship them to you. Your customers don’t need to look for extra packaging materials, which improves your overall customer experience. It strengthens the identity of your brand and makes the entire process a lot easier.


Advertising and Branding

By using poly mailer bags, you can offer free marketing for your products. Even though it does not provide a similar unboxing experience to a box, it still is an effective way to get the attention of your customers. If you sell your products offline, custom poly mailer bags can help you stand out amongst your competitors. Taking a sustainable approach with recycling, many customers these days store their bags carefully and use them again for various purposes. By using custom poly mailers, you ensure the presence of your brand all the time and get easy access to free marketing.


Some Common Myths about Poly Mailers

They are not Recyclable

Many customers often shy away from poly mailers because they think that these bags contribute to plastic waste and can’t really be recycled. However, it is very easy to recycle a poly mailer bag if done properly. It should be dry, clean, and should not hold any labels that can tamper with the recycling process.


Customizing a poly mailer bag is a lot of trouble

Custom poly mailer bags are much more than a tedious task, they are an investment. In the long run, the customer satisfaction and returns you get from clients will pay for themselves. Nowadays with professional vendors, the entire process has become very simple and efficient.

If you are looking to invest in custom poly mailers bags, you should start online where the entire process is cost-effective and transparent. Whether you want to place a bulk order or start with a small test batch, you can contact an experienced vendor who can accommodate your requirements. With a fast turnaround time, and designer support you can create beautiful custom designs easily in very little time.

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