Bale Bags for Garbage, Municipal Waste, Trash, Recycling, Compactor & FIBC Usage

Bale Bags for Garbage, Municipal Waste, Trash, Recycling, Compactor & FIBC Usage

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container and Trash Compactor Bale Bag
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container and Trash Compactor Bale Bags

iSell Packagings produces, distributes and imports bale bags for use in garbage, municipal waste, trash, recycling and compactor usage as well as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. These are sometimes referred to as FIBC Bags. We have numerous clients around the country including private and municipal landfills and recycling centers. Our woven polyethylene bale bags and FIBC bags  can be custom made to your specifications including various dimensions and strength.

Loose or non-baled materials require a tremendous amount of space compared to baled waste. One of the main benefits of baling as much of a waste stream of recyclables as possible (such as bulky cardboard) is that the materials are removed from the waste stream. Even when there is no ‘recycling program’ in place this can lower waste hauling requirements considerably, since even a small quantity of baled recyclables would probably be picked up at no charge by a recycler. 

By using some basic information it can be a simple process for determining the benefits that will be derived from using a baler and woven baler bags. Balers that are purchased with a specific purpose in mind and are utilized properly almost always yield great paybacks. Waste from business operations is a highly neglected area and because of that there are tremendous streamlining and efficiency benefits (aside from recycling benefits) that can be derived by baling and compacting waste. Reducing loose waste to cubes of trash (whether compacted or baled) offers management much insight that is otherwise unknown and impossible to quantify. Taking control of waste processing routines can also help to pinpoint problems in other areas such as purchasing practices that might be causing unnecessary waste. A side benefit of balers (just as with compactors) is that they can provide the owner / operator with fairly accurate trash weight information. By knowing the average weight of each bale, then it is just a matter of tracking the number of baled cubes in order to derive the total estimated weight of material for a given period of time, whether weekly or monthly. With loose trash, especially when it is being discarded in dumpsters through different channels it is nearly impossible. 

By applying some basic principles, the benefits of Balers and the positive overall effects on business operations can be realized. Oftentimes, there are numerous other operational efficiencies that can result from the benefits derived from streamlining the waste processing routines. Aside from the many operational efficiencies when using Balers there are also benefits related to environmental issues and community image. And, as mentioned before, good insight into your waste stream can provide vital information that can be utilized to curb wasteful buying routines. Oftentimes, companies that have streamlined their waste processing end up with cleaner facilities, cleaner appearance around dumpster areas and less fire hazards from excessive trash piles in and around the facility.

Before balers are introduced into a business care should be taken in carefully evaluating the waste stream for key areas where recyclables are generated, as well as the volume and type of waste materials that might be the best candidates for baling equipment. This will also help during the selection of a baler since there are so many different types of balers that have varying capabilities (for baling different types and volumes of recyclables). Getting the right baler and waste equipment will help improve your overall efficiencies and paybacks.

Bulk Bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are an economical and most cost effective ideal type of package for handling and storage. iSell Packagings is a full service manufacturer and distributor of bulk bags. We also import Clean room or Hygiene room bags made for pharmaceutical and food industries.

FIBC Trash Compactor Bale Bags
Trash Compactor Bale Bags



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