Albany Pols Express their love for Plastic Bags!

Albany Pols Express their love for Plastic Bags!

While the world is running behind methods to make earth a pollution free planet, there is something coming opposite from the New York State Legislature. If you remember, the recently adopted 5 cent fee on disposable plastic shopping bags, yes, for the same now it turns out. The Albany venalities are rising in number, having bribing, extorting, and influence-peddling in the top list. And now one more step to hinder the good work. With an aim to squelch the New York City’s recently adopted fee for the disposable plastic shopping bags, Albany session comes with a noxious bill.

Albany Pols for Disposable plastic shopping bags

What was the ‘5 cent fee’ plan?

It took several years for the City Council to come up finally with the wrought compromise, in the form of passed fee, as an antipollution measure. Basically, the purpose was to significantly reduce the use of the bags, which are well known for their ubiquity and indestructibility. With the passage of time, these have turned up as one of the city’s signature eyesores, and of course, a serious environmental threat.

What is the state legislation up to?

Now sponsored in the Assembly by Michael Cusick, a Staten Island Democrat, and in the Senate by Simcha Felder, a Brooklyn Democrat, the legislation is about to forbid any city from imposing fees or taxes. As per the reports, this decision has been taken to discourage the use of plastic bags.

Simply, the measure would make the city accept the perpetuation of the plastic-trash. So, probably these will continue festooning tree branches, clogging the sewers, and littering on sidewalks. As compared to New York City, Albany seems to be more powerful. The plastic-bag-makers are the lobbyists, scoring high these days.

The cities which have already tried the fee structure, have found it working splendidly. But for the legislation, it is not the tax, to be worried for. In fact, it is the nickel, which causes inconvenience. Just for meddlesome reasons, Albany pols are there to overrule the City Council. While it was simple to get hands on disposable bags through the decision by the City Council, but if the Legislature persists in passing such a meddling bill, it is will be an awful act.

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