9 Easy Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

9 Easy Ways To Reuse Plastic Bags

Do you get free plastic bags with the groceries? It is quite common for homemakers to get 5-6 of them every time they shop. As per the reports around 5 trillion plastic bags are consumed a year. This makes to 160,000 of them in a second.


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But what do you do with them? Though there is a lot said about recycling, yet the fact is that less than 1 percent of them are recycled. Thus, most of them are thrown away directly in the trash, leading to several environmental problems in the longer run. As these are made from Polyethylene, they can take centuries to degrade.

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To add in your little efforts to save mother Earth, you can go for reusing these bags. And the good thing is that there are number of creative ways to make use of the old plastic bags at your home. Find out below some simple ideas to give a try:

  1. Create your skipping rope: Now you can involve the little ones at home in doing this activity. It is an ideal way to re-use plastic bags and make something for the kids. With help of some plastic bags, scissors and duct tape, you can make something similar to the one here.
  2. Roll out dough: If you need to roll out the dough, but are missing on a non-stick surface, you can simply cut a plastic bag in half and use it. Rolling your dough between two plastic bag sheets will reduce the workload.
  3. Make a Flowerpot: Another creative way to use your leftover plastic bags is making a flowerpot out of them. For this all you need is 7-8 medium-to-large thin plastic bags. In addition, you will require a large crochet hook. Checkout this easy to try tutorial at blogspot.com!
  4. Bathroom Bin: Those spilling tissues, empty toothpaste tubes, floss, and much more can create a lot mess all over your bath floor. Why not line your bathroom bin with spare plastic bags and when they get full, just tie up and chuck it in your bin? Sorted!
  5. Weave a basket: Why only for kids, there is a lot you can make yourself at home using the old plastic bags. Get creative with and try making some lovely wrapped baskets. Need simple instructions on how to get it done? Visit at radmegan.com
  6. Cover your car parts: During the cold harsh winter, it is common for you to deal with ice on mirrors and windscreen. To prevent from the everyday struggle, you can use spare plastic bags to cover the wing-mirrors and wipers. So now you don’t need to scrape ice off them every morning.
  7. Wrap your clothes: Now you can add more years to your expensive clothes. Whether it is winter or summer, the presence of moths can cause much harm to your wardrobe. Just wrap them all up in plastic bags before storing and find them in good state when you open them.
  8. For holiday suitcase: Do you have some plans for weekend? Or you are thinking of holiday very soon? Then the plastic bags can be very useful. While you can keep them for protecting any kind of liquid spills from products like perfumes or shampoo bottles, you can use them to restore dirty shoes or clothes from the cleaner stuff.
  9. Package padding: Whether you are selling some items or you are planning from one place to another, plastic bags can be of great use. It helps keeping your items safe as these use plastic bags as protective padding. Hence, keeping your precious items safe on the journey turns simpler.

So there is no need to toss those excess of plastic bags in the trash bins. While some of the above stated ideas help saving money, others are assistive in preserving environment. Using these simple, eco-friendly ideas you can do something good to your planet. Try them!

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