7 DIY Ideas from used bottle for Christmas decoration

7 DIY Ideas from used bottle for Christmas decoration

Decorating Christmas tree is one of the most exciting things you ever do during the holiday season. Why not make a healthy change this time?



Before you get confused you need to know that humans buy about 1,000,000 plastic bottles per minute in total. And just 23% of those are recycled within the U.S. What more horrifying is that the waste, including plastic bottles, washes into the ocean and kills 1.1 million marine creatures annually.




Wondering what this has to do with Christmas?

Well, any time of the year is the right time for recycling. And this time you should recycle for the Christmas holiday too. Simply putting, instead of spending a lot of money and buying new decorations you can craft it with recycled materials. Yes, you don’t have to purchase any expensive and fancy decors. With little efforts and lots of used plastic bottles you can make your own Christmas ornaments.

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Below are listed some easy and inexpensive way to prepare décor items from plastic bottles. Have a look:

  1. Leafy Chandelier:A chandelier plays an important role in adorning your home. But these are quite expensive, right? Why not make a beautiful chandelier at home using old bottles? You can create something similar and use it for an evening outdoor party or inside your space.
  2. Candle Sleeve: Let’s add more light to your home using this super cool, beautiful idea. You can be your own a decorator and create this pillar candle. In fact, you can use it as an outstanding gifting option for your table decorations.
  3. Spring Wreath: Pick some colorful bottle and you can prepare a bright-colored wreath. It is really beautiful and you don’t need to worry for the tear and wear.
  4. Table Décor: When you are on a lookout for a simple and cute decoration, this can solve your purpose. Use it for your child’s room or the living, it will add in more colors to the space.
  5. Parrot: You can give it a try to have an eco-friendly parrot at home. This project can be taken by the kids too. It is a super cute parrot which can be used for all sorts of party decorations.
  6. Airplane Bank: While you will be able to put in a cute décor item inside your home, you can give a message to your kids to save more. With this creative idea you won’t be spending any big amount for buying a new piece, on the other hand you will get into habit of saving.
  7. Bottle Flowers: Bring back the springtime using these flowers made out of water bottles. These can be used for merry time and even after.

Aren’t these pretty?

These are just examples. You can always add up your own creativity and imagination to bring out something exclusive. Merry Christmas!

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