6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

6 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day Everyday

Every Day Earth Day

Don’t you feel blessed to be born on planet Earth?

Of course, you must be proud of that, right?

But then, what excuse do you have to neglect the environment? Yes, knowingly or unknowingly, for years, you have been ruining the living conditions on Earth. While the world has just celebrated the Earth day few days back, do you think it is sufficient to make it clean once a year?

As compared to what Earth gives for free of cost, including air for breathing, soil for agriculture, and endless things, doesn’t it deserve one good thing every day?

So, if you are ready to pay your tribute to Mother Earth, for all those bestowed wonderful gifts, here is a list of things you can try in your daily life.


Start riding your bike

Start Riding your Bike

It was found in a study conducted by the European Cyclists Federation that cycling emissions are 10 times lower than those produced from driving. Hence, if everyone starts cycling on a regular basis, it would reduce carbon emissions up to a great extent. And with this, will also help restructuring the urban landscape.


Prepare your own garden

Prepare your own Garden

Thinking why, when you can get it is easily from the market? For this you need to know that an average carrot travels 1,800 miles to reach your dinner plate. So, you can now decide why you need to do so?

Yes, to save those plenty of miles which would else contribute to more carbon emissions, you can start nurturing your own edible garden. While you will enjoy fresh veggies, you will save Earth, simultaneously.


Decompose your kitchen scraps

Decompose your Kitchen Scraps

Do you know, in United States, the food waste alone amounts to more than 30 million tons of waste? Yes, this amount enters the landfills, leading to severe problems for generations to come. Isn’t it is tragic? The food and yard waste can be easily recycled. Yes, it can be re-used and reduced by composting food scraps.


Pick a reusable bottle

Pick a reusable bottle

Stop using those plastic disposable water bottles. Do you know you can save around 6 gallons of water using a single reusable water bottle? No doubt, the plastic bottles are recyclable. However, starts state another story. Around 88 percent of these bottles still end up in landfills. And this would take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade the same.

On the contrary, you can switch to reusable drink containers and eliminate the need for 100 disposable bottles per year. Isn’t that great!


Save light

Save Energy With Light Bulbs

You might be hearing this from long time, but even today, it is the best way to save energy and cut down the home energy costs. Simply start with turning off your lights when not in use. Then another move you can take is to switch from the traditional incandescent bulbs to the more energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs.


Reuse glass containers

Reuse Glass Containers

A lot has been talked about recycling. But the silent fact is that reusing is better. Thus, it is advised to get into the habit of collecting glass jars and glassware. Reason being, you don’t need to buy excess of Tupperware for storing food and beverages.


Lastly, it is essential for you to understand that going green is not merely a trendy statement. In fact, it is the need of the hour. By changing your daily lifestyle and putting little to no efforts, you would be able to make your sufficient contribution. Go ahead!

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