5 Product Packaging Tips for Startups

5 Product Packaging Tips for Startups

Being a startup, you must be focused on the aspects like productivity and marketing to grow your business. Have you ever thought about the packaging of your product? If you think that packaging is nothing but a wrap or label, you need to think again.

5 Product Packaging Tips for Startups









Here is an eye opener:

70% customers admit that they buy the product just because of its packaging. 63% customers say that packaging is as important as the brand itself.

This is because the packaging is the first thing a customer sees. In fact, it is the “first face” of your product kept on the grocery store’s shelves. If it is attractive, a customer is likely to buy it. Otherwise, poor packaging is a huge turnoff.

For example, Tiffany’s robin’s egg blue box is more recognizable than the jewelry itself. Think of Apple’s clean and minimalist packaging. In a nutshell, attractive packaging is a way to make a customer fall for your brand which in turn increases the sale.

So if you need to give your startup a boost, make sure to take care of your product packaging. Here’s how…

 1. Identify Your Customer:

Who is your customer? Who are they? How your product can help them? Are they kids? Are they woman or someone age 60+?

This is an important thing you should ponder over while deciding the packaging.

For example, a packaging with colorful typography or pink colors won’t attract the technicians. If you have a cosmetics line for young girls, then color psychology and ultra-feminine appeal can work. A box of candy for kids and a pack of bone supplements for elders will have different packaging. For example, the young audience can easily open a complicated packaging, a senior may have trouble to open it.

 2. Consider the Functionality:

Is your packaging functional? Is your product easy to use, carry and store?

For example, most ketchup brands are available in a large bottle and a tiny sachet for household and on the go consumers respectively.

Researching the market will give you a better idea. Besides, you can find out the ways to improve the functionality the packaging of your products.

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 3. Don’t Mislead the Customers:

Make sure your packaging doesn’t mislead the customers. It should display the content what it contains. For example, a biscuit brand packaging shows “cookie drenched in chocolate syrup”for their simple chocolate flavored biscuit. While this type of exaggeration makes packaging attractive, many customers can find it annoying as the product is not what is being promised by the packaging.

Honesty is the best policy. Consumers won’t have any prejudice against simple and inexpensive products, as long as they are aware of what they are buying.

 4. Smart Typography:

Make sure to choose the right fonts and graphics. The letters should be legible and readable as well. For example, most customers are not able to read the fancy letters in a single glace or from a distance. One more thing—the color of the fonts should complement the overall appearance and the color of the packaging as well.

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 5. Creativity:

Use your creativity to make your product packaging stand out. For example, some packages have the shape of the actual product. Make sure the “creativity” doesn’t lead to confusion.

So these are the products packaging tips for startups. Keep in mind that great packing helps your product sell. What do you think? Do you have other ideas to share? Let us know by commenting below.

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