5 Packaging Tips to Make Your Product Attractive to Buyers

5 Packaging Tips to Make Your Product Attractive to Buyers

Packaging is the first thing a customer sees while shopping your product. In fact, it influences his or her buying decision. A customer is likely to shop the products with best, attractive and clear packaging. A great packaging can be a factor (other than quality) to make buyers willing to pay bit more.

Poor quality packaging leaves an impression that the product is of poor quality.

As you know that packaging also protects your products when being handled and shipped to the various locations, making sure your customer receive them intact.

This is why packaging matters both in terms of brand value and product safety.

Therefore, you should be extremely careful while planning the packaging for your products. Keep these things in mind to give your product a great packaging.

Who is Your Customer?

First and foremost, think about your customer. Who are they? How your product can help them? Are they kids? Are they woman or someone age 55+? For example, if your product is designed for an auto mechanic, a packaging with bright pink and purples and cursive fonts on the labeling may not attract your core audience. Apart from that, you need to think over the functionality of the product.

Consider the Functionality:

How functional is your packaging? Here functionality of the product means the ease of use, store and carry.

The more functional the packaging, the more sales it gets. For example, Heinz ketchup bottle is also available in sachets for on the go customers. Or the face wash is both available in tube and dispenser container.

To get a better idea on this aspect, take a look at the market and try to find out the ways to improve the functionality of your products packaging. You can win over many customers just because of the practicality of your product.

Be Honest:

True. A wrapper is the way to present your product in the best possible way. However, it doesn’t mean that it misleads the buyers. For example, most of the companies show a cookie drenched in chocolate syrup on the packaging of their simple chocolate flavored biscuit. You shouldn’t go overboard with such exaggeration. Showing your product 100 times better than the actual content may result in customers’ disappointment. Eventually, you end up with poor sales and shattered brand image.

Here comes honesty. Customers will not have any prejudice against simple and inexpensive products, as long as they are aware of what they are buying.

Clear Typography:

The fonts and graphics of the packaging are important as they influence the customer’s buying decision. So, you need to work over your packaging’s typography. Make sure the letters look legible and readable as well. A customer may have trouble to read the fancy letters in one go in a single glance. Keep in mind that the color of your font should well with the overall appearance and color of the packaging.

Understand Your Competitors:

Read your competitor’s strategies regarding packaging. It will help you learn their design elements they are using in their packaging. Take a note of the packaging of the less successful brands to find out the design mistakes you can avoid in your products.

With the help of these packaging tips, you will not only improve the appearance of your product but also gain customer’s trust and attraction.

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