2019 packaging design trends which are not to miss!

2019 packaging design trends which are not to miss!

Worried for your company’s brand identity?

Whether you are making edible products or selling any other item, you need to know understand that it is the product packaging which reflects your brand identity. Do you know 67% of consumers agree that while selecting a product they are influenced by the packaging material? Not only this, around 50%  of people ordering online say that branded packaging makes them recommend the same to their friends. So it is quite evident that packaging serves to be a touch point between your brand and your customers.

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Also it is the design of packaging which tells a story, and communicates:

  • What is your product?
  • Who can use it?
  • What makes it different and better?

So if you wish to increase your brand’s value, you need to focus more on packaging.  For this, you need to stay ahead of the contenders, ensuring that your products are being packed up to the expectation of your customers. Simply stating, you need to follow the latest packaging trends to make your design stand out amongst the competition. Here is what all you need to focus on:

 1. Sustainability: The entire world seems to focus greatly on the impact of packaging waste. As per the Nielsen study, 66 percent of global consumers said they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands. Hence, for the designers and companies, it is more than important to think green. You can try out using green materials such as recycled aluminum which cut down on landfill waste significantly. And with passage of time, this trend is here to stay for sure.

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 2. Minimalism: Keep it straight forward is something which attracts customers, and inspires brands to go for minimal styles. In the current era, you need to focus more on the essence of things, precision, and clarity. Just keep every ‘non-essential’ thing away. Whether it is about the colors or the texts, keep it as simple as possible. Your aim should be creating impactful packages which can easily and immediately convey their message. It is the functionality and simplicity which will speak with the observers, making then understand what the product is all about.

 3. Photography: It might not be something new; however, it will always remain there. The image on the package is meant to convey a complex visual message. A perfect photo can turn even the most uninterested person into a potential customer. But not just any picture will do the magic. Creativity and uniqueness have to be incorporated.

 4. Doodles: Whether you are young or elderly, doodles are loved by everyone. It is the major reason why most of the popular brands are incorporating them into the design. If you haven’t touched the creative side yet, this is one way to revamp it. All you need to do is look for some well-thought-out doodles which can soften the hardest of hearts, putting smiles on their faces. Being a fun aspect, these make customers feel happy.

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5. Vintage: It is the past which speaks about the present. And this turns crucial when it comes to package designs. As vintage designs remind of the past, these help attracting consumers by reminding of them what was left behind. You can focus on some related, important aspects of history and culture. Or you can dig into some evergreen memories which make them indulge in.

With these tips on mind, you can rest assure that your products don’t get ignored on the shelves. It is right time to ditch those out -dated, unattractive packaging design, and revamp your brand appeal.

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