10 Reasons Why Poly Mailer Bags Are the Best Way to Send Packages

10 Reasons Why Poly Mailer Bags Are the Best Way to Send Packages

The benefits of wholesale poly mailer bags are numerous. In the business world, there are many companies who ship packages to their customers on a daily basis. If you are one of those companies, you know how important it is to have the best packaging possible for your products.

Wholesale poly mailer bags allow you to send your packages in an efficient manner and prevent damage from occurring during transit. They can be used not only to ship products, but also as promotional tools, which we will get into further detail about below. To help you get started with them, here are 10 reasons why poly mailer bags are the best way to send packages

Reason 1: Their Durability
Thanks to their durable material, poly mailers can withstand punishment without tearing, ripping or spilling. The glue used on them is also quite strong so that it won’t tear easily either. And because they are fully transparent and made of clear plastic, you can view your product’s packaging even while it’s inside its envelope. This prevents any damage from occurring prior to its arrival at your customer’s door!

Reason 2: Their Design Flexibility
One of the most compelling reasons for using poly mailers is their design flexibility. Most of these bags are made from a lightweight, but durable plastic. They feature a folding structure and are known for their thickness. Their high-grade material ensures that they’re able to be folded as many times as you need in order to fit your items inside them. In other words, with poly mailers, there’s no need for tape or staples and you can rest assured that your products will stay safe in transit. What’s more, these bags come with self-sealing closures and adhesive flaps so you can choose whether or not to use them based on your specific needs—but if you do decide to use them, they work very well!

Reason 3: Their Aesthetics
No matter what you’re sending, poly mailers will make it look good. You might have a beautifully designed product or a beautifully designed service, but if your packaging is subpar, it doesn’t matter. The only thing your customers will see is that mediocre packaging. Poly mailers make sure that never happens! Not only are they lightweight and easy to tear open, but they also come in amazing colors and patterns—making them an essential part of any professional campaign. If you want to send a great-looking product and be taken seriously by potential customers as well as existing ones, poly mailers are a must-have!

Reason 4: They are Easy to Use
This product is really easy to use. All you have to do is seal it, tape it up and ship it! It couldn’t be any easier! Also, once you receive your package, all you have to do is take off the tape and open up your mailer bag. You can easily reuse them by re-sealing them. They are very durable and strong bags that last longer than you think they would; as a matter of fact, one or two plastic mailers can almost last for years!

Reason 5: They are Cost Effective
Wholesale poly mailers are incredibly inexpensive. The majority of our customers spend less than $20 per package, which is an incredible value when you consider what it would cost to ship in a box that size. They may cost a little more than other options but they are still remarkably cheap and when you consider how much waste each one of those boxes creates they actually turn out being very economical. You can actually save even more money by buying them in bulk so check out our huge selection and get an order going before your supply runs low!

Reason 6: They Have Lower Environmental Impact
You can feel good about sending your packages in a poly mailer bag instead of a box. Every year, many businesses use paper envelopes for their shipments, even though most are unnecessary. It makes it easier for you to make choices that are better for our environment by saving more trees and using less energy than it takes to produce boxes. What’s more, these bags use less water during production than boxes do. That means they cause less air pollution, too! In addition, when they’re completely broken down after use, poly mailers aren’t harmful to marine life like plastic is.

Reason 7: They Convey Trust and Security
When a potential customer receives your product in a poly mailer bag, it will help create a feeling of trust and security. This is because they’re less likely to be damaged, which means that recipients feel confident their purchase will be exactly as promised. Furthermore, mailing in poly mailers also conveys privacy because only people directly involved with your shipment will know its contents or final destination. This helps protect both businesses and consumers from fraud and theft while also preserving an element of surprise when something new arrives at their doorstep.

Reason 8: They Look Professional
In today’s business world, you need your packages to look professional. Your clients are already apprehensive about opening an unfamiliar package, so they want something that makes them feel secure and comfortable. When they open a poly mailer bag, it looks professional. They trust it immediately. It doesn’t scream unsolicited junk mail. And most importantly, you won’t have to worry about your items being damaged in transit because of their hardy construction!

Reason 9: They Deliver Business Value
Although it might not seem like it, using poly mailers offers some business benefits. This is because, unlike paper-based mailing options, they don’t require any heavy lifting and thus put less strain on you and your employees. This can be a huge plus since one of your biggest concerns will likely be minimizing costs. Although plastic bags are more expensive up front, they’re better for you in terms of time and money in the long run. However, if price is still an issue for you and your business at that point, then by all means go with other materials.

The Conclusion:
So you must have understood the benefits of wholesale poly mailer bags. They not only act as a protective packaging for the shipping products, but also add to the appeal.
Make sure to order them from quality poly mailer bags vendors so that your products can stay safe.

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